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Each of us can Save-A-Life by choosing active bystander intervention, and simply
using the BreathIQ breathalyzer to check someone's impairment.
Join BreathIQ in promoting Alcohol Awareness, Safety, Education and Screening.

Operation Safe Drive - powered by BreathIQ

BreathIQ is the only FDA Cleared, Patented and Made in USA disposable alcohol indicator.

This keychain is Federally Chartered in reducing ARI's (alcohol related incidents) and DUI's by 75% to 100%.

By implementing our technology and or programs a federal and/or corporate partner can help bridge a proven federal best practice into our communities. Become a Champion in Alcohol Safety and show everyone that you care about your customers, employees and families. Let’s Save A Life together.

  •  Available in Safety Yellow or Glow In The Dark Keychain Container
  •  Fast Results with 99.98% Accuracy
  •  FDA Cleared
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Patented, #7285246, #7837936
  •  California Proposition 65 Safe
  •  Water-resistant
  •  Chemical Resistant
  •  Durable and Temperature Stable
  •  Keychain container is Re-Usable and Re-Fillable
  •  Testers are Available in .02%, .04%, .05%, .08%
     Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  •  Custom Logo / Co-Branding Available
Alcohol impairs judgement! A person should NEVER TEST themselves.

We can all Save-A-Life by choosing active bystander intervention, and simply using the BreathIQ
breathalyzer to check someone's impairment. Use the BreathIQ Breathalyzer to protect your Family
and Friends, Peers and Co-Workers.

BreathIQ is an award-winning proven counter measure
in the Armed Force for ARI's (Alcohol Related Incidents) & DUI's.

BreathIQ invented the most accurate and reliable device for alcohol screening (breathalyzer) which has received federal recognition and also best practices within the US military. We have the only technology that is FDA cleared and Patented, Made in the USA and a key component in many alcohol safety programs. The main objective of these programs is to prevent ARI’s and DUI’s through peer-to-peer accountability and intervention. This technology can also greatly enhance any existing Safety Programs including college or high school level, corporate safety, governmental programs and safety initiatives, as well as many others.

At the core BreathIQ is about promoting Alcohol Awarness, Safety, Education and Screening.

Past and Present Accolades
• Congressionally / Senate supported (committee), Defense Appropriations
• Championed by United States Special Operations Command, USSOCOM “safety begins with me” program.
• Marine Corps Special Operations Command, MARSOC and part of the commandant of the Marine Corps
“protect what you've earned” program.
• Army Special Operation Center of Excellence / Special Warfare Center School “safety begins with me” program.
• Granted best practice US Army Combat Readiness Center
• Granted a best practice by the US Naval Safety Center “shipmates take care of shipmates” program.
• Kenneth O. Preston Sergeant Major of the Army Safety Award.
• Chief of Naval operations safety award.

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