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BreathIQ.04-R Refill Disposable Indicators For BreathIQ, Individual Poly Bags With Instruction Sheet (Minimum Order Qty is 25 Units)

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Part Number:BreathIQ.04-R
Refill Disposable Indicators for BreathIQ Key Fob Container.  Individual poly bags with instruction sheet.

Be smart. Save a life is a Peer-to-Peer/Bystander Intervention program using positive peer pressure to greatly reduce the number of  ARI's (Alcohol Related Incidents) & DUI's.

Goal of the product is to develop and sustain an atmosphere of responsible decision making to avoid the misuse and abuse of alcohol.
  • Alcohol is insidious -- affects every one differently -- alcohol levels are known to continually rise during and even AFTER consumption.
  • Maintain risk awareness, testing to .04 BAC level of impairment, our test is for impairment not for intoxication!
  • .04 BAC is proven as best threshold - at .04 you are impaired & should not be driving.
  • .04 BAC proactively serves to preempt driving under influence "before" it's too late -- catch at impairment.
  • Stimulates discussion and enables decision process with peers/friends.
  • Can not overemphasize the importance of Peer-to-Peer / Friend system as the backbone of the program/product. Individuals should not test themselves, with proper training and understanding  of the program/product, this alcohol detector becomes the ideal tool toward preventing or preempting Peers / Friends getting in a vehicle with other friends or buddies - alcohol detector is not only a tool, it is visible proof of impairment.

With the distribution of BreathIQ product comes the challenge of ensuring each individual is aware of the proper usage and the consequences of misuse.
As emphasized by the manufacturer the personal breathalyzer test is not to be self administered.
**This is due to the judgment impairment properties of alcohol.**

Product Description:

.04 Breath IQ alcohol indicator

  • Water resistant.
  • Temperature resistant.
  • Three year shelf life.
  •  FDA cleared.
  •  Made in the USA.
  •  Individual Poly bags with instruction sheet.
 United States patent numbers

Minimum order Qty is 25 units.

BreathIQ is an award-winning proven counter measure in the Armed Forces for ARI's & DUI's
  • Call us for Past and Present Accolades and/or to discuss your "Program / Protocol" requirements.
  • Custom tailored Training Plans available that include Effectiveness Measures, Program Benefits, & Distribution Models

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